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Nihon Visual Science, Inc. (NVS) is a Tokyo-based software development company established in 1997.

We are specialized in development and sales of image processing software. Our line of products offers innovative and powerful tools in 2D/3D visualization of tomographic data, 3D analysis of volume data, reverse engineering and other related areas.

Our customers include universities, research institutes, and R&D departments of companies.

We have recently launched a new business of producing 3D transparent realistic models called “ExhiBits”. Truly noble and unprecedented, these models became possible only with our broad experience and extensive expertise in image processing.

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Our Products: Software

Software for 2D/3D volume-rendering visualization of tomographic data obtained from imaging devices such as X-ray CT scanners.

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Void Analysis option module

Option software that brings new functions to ExFact VR. Extracts internal defects and particles from 3D images of castings and resin to present them in different colors for visualization and analysis.

brochure (PDF/2MB)

Histogram Analysis option module

Option software that brings new functions to ExFact VR. Provides users with 2D/3D length measurement function and tools for 3D image brightness distribution analysis/evaluation through approximation to normal distribution.

Brochure not available

Software for Reverse Engineering

Powerful 3D Software for reverse engineering. Users can process 3D images, point clouds, polygons and CAD data in a single software with seamlessly working multiple functions including healing, surfacing and shape comparison.

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Greyscale Analysis Software for Porous Objects

Software for statistical evaluation/analysis on the properties of 3D images of porous materials, including shapes/distributions of grains/voids.

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Greyscale Analysis Software for Fibrous Objects

Software for statistical evaluation/analysis on the properties of 3D images of fibrous materials, including orientations of fibers.

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Software that enables automatical adjustment of sliced images such as FIB SEM and serial section images.


Our Products: 3D Models

"ExhiBits" is a variety of transparent models produced based on 3D images obtained through 3D imaging devices. With its 3D representation of multiple colors, shading, internal structure and floating islands, ExhiBits brings a whole new experience and amazement to its viewers.

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Q. How can I purchase software products?

A. Please contact us at info@nvs.co.jp. We offer international shipping and you can pay in your local currency.

Q. How can I use 3DMA program?

A. Under license from The State University of New York, the original developer of the 3DMA program, we are offering our software products ExFact Analysis series that commercialize the program. We are supplying the products to universities, research institutes and R&D departments of companies. Please consider introducing our products in your affiliation/organization. ExFact Analysis series can be purchased from overseas.

Q. Is support available for English speaking users?

A. Some products have English user interface. For other products, you can choose English as the user interface language. Documents are partially available in English. Support through phone call and e-mail can be provided in English.

Q. How can I purchase 3D models of “ExhiBits”?

A. We have “NVS Shop” for online purchase. However, international shipment is currently not available. We are now working on establishing sales channels for overseas customers. If you have a problem purchasing items, please contact us from Contact section.

Company Details

Company Name Nihon Visual Science, Inc. (NVS)
Representative Director Katsuhiko Taki (researchmap http://researchmap.jp/KatsuhikoTaki/ )
Date founded July 7, 1997
Capital 30,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 10
Main Business Activities

1) Development and sales of software focused on the image processing

2) System integration

3) Research and development of the high technology through academia-industry collaboration

Head Office Coral Bldg. 4F, 6-26-2 Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
TEL +81-3-5155-5561
E-mail info@nvs.co.jp
URL http://www.nvs.co.jp/

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