Support Overview

NVS does not just sell software but provide after-sales services and advice to help customers get used to functions of the software. Followings are typical instances. If you have such inquiries, please contact us.


Software Related Services 

  • Operation check of PointMaster and ExFact series on Japanese operating systems, and debuging
  • Providing procedure manuals and documents for software instruction courses
  • Conducting software training seminors once a month for each software



  • Assistance in Japanese, English, and Korean
  • Direct support if PC, web camera, microphone, internet connection, and equivalent available


Technical Consulting Services

  • Giving advice on three dimensional model data CAD, CAM, CAE, and others, use of software in combination with Web3D and 3D image capturing devices, visualizing three-dimensional objects, image processing, observation, and computing technique
  • Giving advice on IT related matters ranging from construction of network environment through massive storage and backup system to security stuff
  • Supports given by professional engineers specialized in image processing, 3D imaging and processing softwares, and IT generally


Made to Order Services

  • Development of made to order device controlling software
  • conversion service of 3D images and measured data into CAD and void asnalysis service in customer's stead 

System Proposal 

  • Giving Suggestions of operating systems optimized for use of our software on 64 bit environment and in tandem with other 2D or 3D computer graphics software


Research and Development

  • Creating new products by sharing technology with academics
  • Participation in societies and events, giving lectures and holding seminors
  • Giving advice to guarantee reproducibility and on the assessment of resolution of images, and providing examples of application of X-ray CT images.
  • Introducing proper scieties, scholors, and companies to consult your problem with


動的イメージング用 小型万能試験機 圧縮/引張/曲げの応力変化観察 スライス画像(FIB-SEM/医用画像/連続切片画像)位置合わせソフト
3D画像解析 無料論文集 全14本 60ページ 断層画像(X線CT/FIB SEM等)の3D化ソフト ExFact VR 2.1誕生 三次元画像をブラウザで簡単閲覧 データ共有やWeb公開も楽々