Software Training Seminors

NVS holds software training seminors on regular basis. Three courses are available, which covers Exfact VR, PointMaster, or ExFact Analysis. These seminors help users take advantage of the software.


 ● Exfact VR 2.0 Course
 ● Point Master Course
 ● ExFact Analysis Course


Seminor Room, Coral Bldg. 4F, 6-26-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan


  Exfact VR 2.0 Course
Every Third Wednesday of a month
Point Master Course
Every Third Friday of a month
ExFact Analysis Course Every Third Thursday of a month
am  9:30 start
・Basics of 3D image processing
・Loading data
・Rendering function
 9:30 start
・Basics of reverse engineering
・Dealing with PointCloud and polygon data
・Fixing STL data
・Comparing Shilhoette
 9:30 Start
・Basics of 3D image processing
・Case study
・Guidance for manipulating the software
lunch 12:00〜13:00
(Meal included)
(Meal included)
(Meal included)

13:00 resumption
・Creating report
・Data processing practice

17:00 end

13:00 Resumption
・Creating Surface
・Practice and Q&A
17:00 end

13:00 Resumption
・Result of Analysis
 Explanation of parameters
17:00 end


Additional Information

Seminors are periodically held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Week 2, 3, and 4 in every month.
The seminor date could be subject to change due to the availability of seminor room, instructor, and other reasons.


 ExFact VR 2.0 Course  52,500 JPY per person (tax included)
 Point Master Course  52,500 JPY per person (tax included)
 ExFact Analysis Course  52,500 JPY per person (tax included)


For the method of payment, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Apply Now

For reservation of a seminor. Please down load, fill in the application form, and fax it to us. FAX +81351555560

Fee Exemption

Customers who extend free maintenance contract for another year are entitled for a seminor course of the software they purchased for free. Free maintenance contract usually is made when customers purchase our software and lasts for a year.





動的イメージング用 小型万能試験機 圧縮/引張/曲げの応力変化観察 スライス画像(FIB-SEM/医用画像/連続切片画像)位置合わせソフト
3D画像解析 無料論文集 全14本 60ページ 断層画像(X線CT/FIB SEM等)の3D化ソフト ExFact VR 2.1誕生 三次元画像をブラウザで簡単閲覧 データ共有やWeb公開も楽々