Product Overview

ExFact Analysis for Porous/Particles are software that analyzes and assess the three dimensional structure of the images of porous materials given from X-ray CT scan and other devices. The software is specialized for the assessment of materials having porous or particle-like structures.







Features of ExFact Analysis Series

When industrial products and materials are scanned with imaging devices such as X-ray CT, Cofocal Laser Mictoscopy, and TEM Tomography, an array of segmentation images are output, which can align to construct the original object. ExFact Analysis is software that adopts 3DMA to interpret the complex image data as patterns of thin lines to statistically evaluate and analyze the shape of the void and its distibution, and the orientation of fibers from different perspectives.

Related Fields

Material Engineering in general
Especially petroleum, rubber, plastic, resin, polymers, methanehydrate, concrete, sand, fuel cells, carbon nanotube, paper, pulp fibers, selamix, catalyst, bones, teeth, precision component, electronics, semiconductors, and so on

Overall Procedures

  1. Voids are under thinning process to be classified according to the sizes, which are colured differently. As a result, the network structure of the voids are visualized, and the tendency of the structure becomes apparent.
  2. Voids are separated at the neck, and a quantitative analysis is conducted.Specifically, Coordination number is calculated as the indicator of the distribution of area of cross section at the neck of the void, distribution of the volumes of pores, and the network structure.


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動的イメージング用 小型万能試験機 圧縮/引張/曲げの応力変化観察 スライス画像(FIB-SEM/医用画像/連続切片画像)位置合わせソフト
3D画像解析 無料論文集 全14本 60ページ 断層画像(X線CT/FIB SEM等)の3D化ソフト ExFact VR 2.1誕生 三次元画像をブラウザで簡単閲覧 データ共有やWeb公開も楽々