PointMaster Consists of four modules shown below.

arrow06c.gif Healing Module

Healing module can convert pointcloud data into a polygon. It also fix the part of polygon where vertices of triangles are missing, torn, or disconnected.



arrow06c.gif Surfacing Module

Surfacing module pastes "surface" on the surface of the polygon data, which is output as IGES file for 3D CAD software to use it.


arrow06c.gif Feature Module

Feature Module approximate polygon data to a simple shape such as plane, sphere, and column to produce a primitive shape for CAD, which is output as IGES file.


arrow06c.gif Verification Module

Verification module can compare different models captured from actual objects, or one captured from actual object with a designed model. The result is output as a report.


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動的イメージング用 小型万能試験機 圧縮/引張/曲げの応力変化観察 スライス画像(FIB-SEM/医用画像/連続切片画像)位置合わせソフト
3D画像解析 無料論文集 全14本 60ページ 断層画像(X線CT/FIB SEM等)の3D化ソフト ExFact VR 2.1誕生 三次元画像をブラウザで簡単閲覧 データ共有やWeb公開も楽々