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Input Data Format

Arrays of segmentation images from X-ray CT scan, confocal laser microscopy, TEM tomography
Upon being Loaded onto ExFact VR 2.0, original images are trimmed to leave region of interest, which is analyzed three dimensionally by ExFact Analysis.
ExFact VR 2.0 adapt to diverse formats such as TIFF, BMP, and DICOM


ExFact Analysis for Porous/Particles
ExFact Analysis for Fiber
Both or one of them above is available

Prerequisite Software

ExFact VR 2.0 for Windows (32/64bit versions)
for pretreatment and display of images

Software Lisence Format

Copy protection by dongle

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista: Japanese / English version guaranteed (Incompatible with 64 bit PCs)
Memeory of more than 2GB
Full colour 1280×1024 Display
A USB port for dongle

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